New Eye Contour Correcting Treatment Ultra-Revitalising and Plumping Cellular Cream – Global Excell’Age Effect

The eyes are the first part of the face one notices when communicating with others. Very often, they reveal more than actual words. It is therefore of little surprise that the appearance of this area is a major concern for most women.

In order to prevent and correct visible signs of skin ageing on the eye contour, Cellap Laboratoire’s CellEctive range has developed a truly reviving and enhancing treatment for the eye area:

CellEctive CellLift Eye Contour Cream by Cellcosmet

Formulated with an extremely elevated cellular concentration of 30%, CellEctive CellLift Eye Contour Cream is packed full of the optimum amount of high-performance, rejuvenating ingredients, all designed to act in synergy for an immediately visible effect.

Spectacular results thanks to its unique formulation:

  • Eyelids are visibly lifted
  • Expression lines are smoothed and filled
  • Eyes are youthfully radiant

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