Commitments and responsibilities

Commitments and responsibilities

The Very Finest Ingredients
In order to ensure our products have the optimum effect on your skin, we are committed to using only:

  • organic, virgin, first cold-pressed plant oils
  • 100% pure and natural essential oils
  • algae and marine components harvested in line with their natural growth cycle

Similarly we have decided against the use of certain ingredients and guarantee products free from:

  • artificial colouring
  • alcohol
  • essential oils that have been synthetically reproduced or chemically modified

Respect for the skin’s physiological age
Conscious that the skin is a living organ that evolves over the course of one’s life, we have developed treatments that differ depending on one’s stage in life. This is why we offer products with varying cellular concentrations, that respond to the exact physiological age of the skin and its specific needs.

This is a first in the world of cosmetics.

Respect for the hormonal identity of male and female skin
Ever alert to the skin’s specific needs and striving to achieve the optimum effect, we have chosen to make a clear distinction between products formulated for women and those formulated for men. Given that the hormonal identity of male and female skin is not the same we have separated our products into two distinct lines:

Cellcosmet, the skin care line for women and Cellmen, the cellular skin care line specifically formulated for men. The cellular extracts in the men’s range are quite different to those selected for the Cellcosmet women’s line.

Products 100% Made in Switzerland
We strongly identify with Swiss standards and know-how. This is why we formulate, manufacture and package all our products in our Mont-sur-Lausanne premises in Switzerland. Also, as a member of SwissCos – The Association for the Protection of the Origin of Swiss Cosmetics – we can guarantee our customers that our products are “100% made in Switzerland“.

Our Priority:your total satisfaction
ISO 9001-2015 certified, we are committed to meeting the highest possible standards in terms of customer satisfaction and quality:

  • by showing our ability to repeatedly deliver a product in line with customer requirements.
  • by seeking to increase customer satisfaction through the effective application of the quality system and in particular, by putting in place a continual process of improvement.

Environmental Ethics

Our Mission
To offer high quality products formulated to minimise our long-term impact on the environment.

Our Vision
To ensure that our concern for the environment remains a priority, while maintaining high performance levels.

Our Values
Innovation, consciousness raising, results.

So as to better fulfil its commitments towards protecting the environment, Cellap Laboratoire has obtained the certificate of green electricity consumption by signing up to a 100% renewable energy supply for its total energy consumption.

This 100% renewable energy is a combination of energy produced through recycling, photovoltaic solar power and wind energy. Its origins are 100% Swiss.

The Four Pillars of our Commitment:

A company culture that encourages collaborators to participate in our environmentally friendly approach.

A range of materials, used in the formulation and packaging of our products, specifically selected for their low environmental impact.

The acquisition of new equipment is implemented with the intention of minimising our impact on the environment.

In so far as is possible, building modifications have been carried out with the aim of reducing our environmental impact.

Fully aware of its societal and environmental responsibility, Cellap Laboratoire is committed to adhering to the following management principles:

  • Ensure adherence to current legislation regarding the environment.
  • Educate and train personnel to improve their environmental awareness.
  • Put in place procedures designed to reduce production waste output.
  • Choose raw materials in terms of their environmental impact.
  • Choose suppliers in terms of their environmental commitment and proximity.
  • Educate clients and make contractors aware of the company’s environmental philosophy.
  • Sort production waste appropriately (paper, cardboard, plastic, glass, batteries, printing cartridges).
  • Equip facilities with low energy lighting.
  • Manage energy costs by adopting a responsible approach to temperature control and by ensuring all premises are efficiently insulated.
  • Manage water consummation by installing low volume flush systems in the WCs and mixing valves.
  • Invest in efficient electronic office equipment (Class A).
  • Promote products that make use of environmentally friendly technologies (biodegradable, using recycled material).

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