The Cellcosmet and Cellmen treatments are divided into 3 cosmeceutical groups

Cellap Laboratoire owes its reputation to the scientific approach it takes to the world of cosmetics in effectively combatting signs of skin ageing.

A complete skincare range must offer effective solutions for cleansing, exfoliating, hydrating and skin revitalisation. This is why Cellap Laboratoire has developed skincare ranges that incorporate different types of active ingredients, and has chosen to work with cellular, phyto and marine ingredients.

Among the extensive range of active components, sourced world-wide, and used by Cellap Laboratoire in the formulation of its Cellcosmet and Cellmen products, there are three different groups, each corresponding to the very specific needs of male and female skin:

— The Cyto Group – made from cellular complexes, the active stabilised bio-integral cells are obtained through biotechnology and stabilised in their active state using the exclusive CellControl™ method.

Skin is rebalanced, intensely revitalised and stimulated.

The concentration of cellular agents in the Cellcosmet and Cellmen cyto-cosmeceuticals is tailored to the skin's physiological age in order to offer the highest possible level of cellular renewal and stimulation.

— The Phyto Group – made from plant complexes (floral extracts, vegetable oils and essential oils), clays + marine complexes and algae, for instant hydration, radiance and softer skin, as well as a host of other beneficial effects.

  • Natural clays have a detoxifying action: they absorb excess sebum and draw out skin impurities
  • Essential oils have a wide range of applications that boost emotional and physical well-being
  • Plant extracts have many beneficial effects on the skin: astringent, softening, calming, relaxing, radiance-revealing, anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and decongesting, to name but a few.

— The Cyto + Phyto Group - an alliance of cellular, plant and marine complexes to offer a complex synergic action on the skin. Delivers a targeted revitalising beauty boost. These advanced formulae are the result of many years of scientific research and high-level testing. The cyto + phyto bio-complexes provide a complex approach that can simultaneously treat a wide range of problems. Indeed, the plant extracts have the benefit of offering immediate results, while the cellular complexes support lasting revitalisation.

And this is why Cellap Laboratoire is recognised today as Switzerland’s leading expert in cellular and phyto cosmeceuticals.

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