Feel perfect thanks to CellFiller-XT, the smart cellular balm!

What your face reveals

Happy, sad, surprised... your face reflects your every emotion, with facial muscles contracting up to 30,000 times a day. Over time, our facial expressions can leave a trace on the skin, causing the appearance of expression lines and wrinkles. Most often appearing on the forehead, around the mouth and at the outer corners of the eyes, these lines require targeted correction.

The optimal solution

By focusing its action on the affected areas, CellFiller-XT from Cellcosmet offers a precise cosmetic solution. This smart cellular balm uses an exclusive formula combining cyto and phyto ingredients that work together to produce visible results from the very first application. These high-performance ingredients include: 

- A high concentration of stabilised cellular extracts (10%) obtained using the exclusive CellControlTM method for intense revitalisation.

- The Expert Hyaluron Complex, a hydration booster containing hyaluronic acids which visibly plump the tissue and restore the skin's naturally smooth appearance.

- The Volufill Liner Complex made with sesame seed extract to restore volume and firmness.

Precise application

With its cooling applicator nozzle allowing you to precisely follow lines, CellFiller-XT balm can be applied at any time of the day. Its handy format means you can carry it anywhere, making it your new beauty go-to. 

Instant, visible results

CellFiller-XT's deliciously creamy texture leaves the skin feeling soft and silky. The lips are plumped and redefined and the skin's optimal moisture level* is restored. Your face is instantly smoother, and expression lines are filled, leaving you feeling perfect!

*Upper layers of the epidermis

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