Excellence at every level

Excellence at every level

The Essence of Swiss Cosmetic Science Serving your Beauty Needs

Quality and excellence are our priorities. In order to maintain the highest standards of quality throughout production, all of our products are formulated, manufactured and packaged on the premises in our factory in Le Mont-sur-Lausanne in Switzerland, unlike most brands which subcontract their production requirements to outside firms.

Constantly striving for excellence, Cellap Laboratoire applies the latest findings in cosmetic science to its Cellcosmet and Cellmen products. Only the very best active ingredients, which have been scientifically selected and skillfully balanced to ensure the optimum effect on the skin, are used to formulate our Cellcosmet and Cellmen ranges. Made up of experts in their fields,Cellap Laboratoire's R&D department is one of the few in the world to have mastered both cellular technology (cyto bio-complexes) and plant technology (phyto bio-complexes).

Selective Distribution

In order to ensure the prestige of our brand, we only distribute our products to select beauty salons, spas, perfumeries and stores that can offer their personnel in-depth training on our products so that they can provide our customers with the appropriate high-quality, customized advice they require.

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