CellEctive CellCollagen Eye Contour Mask

A real youth-revealing concentrate for a timeless look

Developed from the coming together of two fields of expertise, the CellEctive CellCollagen Eye Contour cellular mask-sheets are the result of a sublime combination of:
• A relaxing, ultra-pure collagen mask, enriched in an oligopeptide complex extracted from
  the Hibiscus seed
• A cellular serum made up of stabilised cellular extracts (15%) and an expert
  Hyaluron complex
The extreme efficacy of CellEctive CellCollagen Eye Contour Mask reveals younger-looking eyes with its immediate anti-fatigue, anti-dark circles and plumping action. The eye contour is instantly smoothed and the eyelids are firmer.
CellEctive CellCollagen Eye Contour Mask is the only collagen mask, to date, to be drenched
in a serum which respects the skin’s female hormonal identity. Due to its optimal tolerance levels,
it is also recommended for sensitive eyes.

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