The launch of Cellcosmet and Cellmen

The launch of Cellcosmet and Cellmen

Cellap Laboratoire, Swiss expert creator and manufacturer of cosmetics, launched, in 1987, two revolutionary revitalising cellular skin care lines:

- Cellmen for men

With this launch, Cellap Laboratoire clearly distinguished itself from other cosmetic ranges by offering, for the first time in cosmetology, cellular skin care lines that respected:

- the skin’s physiological age
- the hormonal identity of male and female skin

Indeed, the cellular line for women, Cellcosmet takes into account the varying needs of the skin and how these change depending on its physiological age. This is why the concentration of cellular extracts in the various products varies from one cosmetics to another.

Developed alongside the women's Cellcosmet line, the Cellmen range for men, has been formulated to perfectly respond to the specific needs of male skin. This cosmetic range has gone on to become one of the most comprehensive male skin care lines on the market today.

It is also worth noting that the Cellcosmet and Cellmen product lines are available in products specifically designed for use in professional skin care treatments in our approved salons and spas.

Cellcosmet and Cellmen - 100% Swiss Made Cosmetic Ranges
From the onset, Cellap Laboratoire was clear in its desire to emphasise the Swiss origins of its product lines. With the Cellcosmet range packaged in red and white and the Cellmen range in grey and white, the Swiss flag integrated into the company logo and the guarantee of the Swisscos label, these products are a clear reminder to international customers of the Swiss standards and know-how from which they hail.

Moreover, given that the products are developed, manufactured and packaged from start to finish in Switzerland, Cellap Laboratoire can legitimately add the “100% Swiss Made“ label to its Cellcosmet and Cellmen ranges.

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